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Implementing DLT

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We come from a community that understands that today’s economic and financial ecosystem is broken, it has no clear values, it moves slowly because its implementation is “deliberately” outdated, monopolized and milked by the banks, governmental institutions, lawyers, courts, notarys, brokers or auditors through very high transaction validation fees, in the detriment of the communities.

Our goal is to build a  growing community with which we can implement distributed ledger technology.

With all due respect to Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain is not sustainable, we believe that the distribution ledger technology is the solution to tilt the balance in favor of communities.
With implementing DLT, will promote and apply award-winning DLT programs, ideas coming from communities for communities.
RON2DLT is our first open source, for implementation born on the Radit community and distributed by CAVIAR NINE in the ecosystem created by RADIXDLT.COM.
All of the latter gives us the possibility to see what we can do for communities with RON2DLT, so let’s meet it.


RON2DLT Tokenomics

30% Radit Community
47% Implementing DLT Community
3% Liquidity
20% Airdrops and reward-winning DLT programs
The total number of RON2DLT tokens mined is 100.000

Hello, my name is RON2DLT and my job is to make the roadmap fun !


IST Token

🥳 As part of this listing celebration, all Ocinode stakers and all ImplementingDLT investors received ($IST)
Be part of our project and you’ll receive future airdrops with our official token INSTANT ($IST)!
💰 Thanks to the Ociswap LMaaS module we can join the SPLASH campaign extension, imposing price stability. All XRD/IST liquidity providers will qualify to receive weekly ($OCI/$IST)💰
P.S. the amount of additional reward is preeetty sweet piece of pie!


🚜 INSTANT ($IST) available on Ociswap !
💰 The ($IST) token plays a key role in the ImplementingDLT ecosystem, where partners and investors are rewarded through airdrops and revenue programs!

($IST) Tokenomics

10% airdrops and reward-winning DLT programs
20% marketing, development and team
70% community rewards & revenue program from instantswap
The total number of INSTANT tokens mined is 1,000,000,000


The name of the NFT is ~ Implementing DLT~ and these being INSTANTSWAP sharees.

The utility of NFT is that it receive revenue, that is being generated by our “INSTANTSWAP” decentralised exchange built from Implementing DLT.

All holders of Implementing DLT NFT’s will benefit from 49% revenue, this being distributed differently! 

1% for charitable causes

The revenue will be generated for life!!!


The NFTs are created by geographical zone and some of them will be personalized,  with the idea of making DLT accessible, informative and implemented in all corners of the world.
All NFTs will have the mark of the main Radix engines  that implement DLT.



Stake with us and earn INSTANT & Ron2dlt Tokens

ImplementingDLT is thrilled to announce that we have successfully launched our validator node

⚡️ Instant Stake ⚡️ airdrops consist of several stages:

1. 2% Airdrop for new stakers.

2. Monthly Airdrop for non-top 100 validators.

3. Increasing monthly airdrop until reaching a target of 20M XRD staked, after which the airdrop will decrease.

4. Mega bonus when the target of 20M XRD is reached.

5. Mega bonus at the conclusion of the airdrop.

All airdrops will be in ($IST) tokens.

Mega bonuses are composed of ($IST), ($RON2DLT), and ImplementingDLT NFTs. The percentage will be in favor of stakers with the longest tenure.

Thank you for your interest in us

Stay tuned for more details! @implementingDLT


1. The biggest airdrops: 
Instant~Stake offers the largest airdrops in the market, allowing you to earn substantial rewards.
2. 0% fee: 
With Instant~Stake, there are no fees involved. You keep all of the profits generated, maximizing your earnings.

3. Eco-friendly: 
Our validation node is powered by 100% solar energy, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.


The minimum stake is 90 XRD
From the moment you stake on our Instant~Stake node, you will receive monthly airdrops in the form of $IST and Ron2dlt and ImplementingDLT NFTs  tokens. Once our node reaches the top 100 validators, all stakeholders will receive daily $XRD tokens until they unstake. The $XRD rewards will be provided by RadixDLT.com and our Instant~Stake node will validate the transactions.
Let’s get ready to rumble!

Why distributed ledger technology

Let’s see how the transaction works in today’s world. Whether you are trading a property, a product or a personal thing, you need ledger “documents” for validation from one or more of: Government institutions, lawyer, court, notary, broker, accountant , the bank, etc all this consumes MONEY AND TIME. A transaction being made by several intermediaries, there is the risk of losing information, documents, “ledger” and even personal property, this gives us a state of FRUSTRATION and UNCERTAINTY 




Not  a  chance !

With the help of Cerberus and Radix engine, you can get rid of all these intermediaries by making the same transaction in an application that contains all the ledger “documents” for you to validate the transaction yourself, making the transaction 100% safe, cheap and faster!! Moreover, since the ledger is distributed, several transactions can be made at the same time one to one on an infinite scale, being validated in a few seconds.




Thanks, Dan Hughes !

Why implementing DLT

We are the first and the only ones who started the implementation face to face with people from the community, creating over 1000 DLT users, shaking hands with each one and explaining what the Radix wallet means to them. This makes us the most friendly project for users in the Radix network in the relationship between humans and the web. Our presentations will be explained as easily as possible to be understood by both a child and a pensioner. We will always be at the service of the communities, we will promote and implement solutions and financial programs that protect the interests of the common man, in front of the manipulators and ticks that suck the financial system.
In the global financial system there are over 400 trillion dollars per year, if we calculate the 2% that go to intermediaries, it would come to over 8 trillion dollars, our goal is to bring this information to the people and we invite them to take back their 8 trillion dollars by implementing DLT at the same time eliminating intermediaries.

Following the example of Piers Ridyard, CEO at Radix, one of our roles is to explai in the simplest way, what benefits will bring to the people the adopting of Decentralised Finance.

Team members

John Doe

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Implementing DLT thanks his partners


Caviar nine

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