a) Air drops will be distributed, featuring various tokens from the Radix Ecosystem, alongside our NFT collections. These drops will occur at every stage of 1000 units sold.

b) 16% of the DLT implementing royalties will be distributed to the owners of the collection in 4 stages

With joy and enthusiasm, we are thrilled to announce that City NFTs are ready for launch. 📣

The City NFTs airdrop has commenced, benefiting the first 100 holders of Country NFTs. 🎉

The sale of City NFTs will take place on the VikingLand marketplace very soon. 🎊


a) 5% of the DLT implementation royalties will be distributed differently to NFT owners, the percentage being the basis of daily transactions carried out in the Radix ecosystem by geographical area.
That is, an nft owner with a geographic area with more transactions will receive more percentages than an nft owner with a geographic area with fewer transactions.
b) 5% of royalties will be distributed to nft holders who connect with an NFT with a geographical area of DLT implementation with a higher number of transactions with a geographical area with a lower number of transactions in DLT, the percentage being in favor the one with a smaller number of transactions.
C) 5% of revenue will be distributed when 90% of NFTs are connected, with the percentage going in favor of those with NFTs in the geographic area with a higher number of DLT transactions
d) 1% of royalties will come when the countries that will connect, the percentage being divided equally between the areas and cities of the countries that made the connection.

An NFT representing a city without transactions on the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will receive a higher percentage of revenue compared to NFTs with transactions. The difference between the NFTs without DLT transactions will be determined based on the distance of each NFT from the NFTs representing city with the highest number of transactions.
 The maximum percentage of revenue will be in favor of the city without transactions, located at the furthest distance from the city with the highest number of transactions

Areas and Cities Collection

Enter your Adress Wallet and discover which City NFTs you have. 👀

Uncover the captivating world of cities around the globe and find out which country they belong to using Address Wallet. Your urban and geographical adventure in one place! 🌍

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