Country NFT Collection

-Implementing DLT will retain a 2.5% Royalty for each Implementing DLT NFT  traded on secondary markets.

Implementing DLT is not art NFT he’s value being by the number of transactions in the Radix DLT ecosystem and the position of each NFT on the globe.

Here are some examples of our colection!

Buy country NFT and become an INSTANTSWAP shareholder.

For each NFT country, within 24 hours we offer you two bonuses: 1 NFT already existing in the radix network + $IST tokens.

NFTs are launched in stages, each stage will contain 10 countries.
After selling the 10 NFTs from the first stage, the second stage opens and so on.
All countries will be numbered and published at each stage.

ImplementingDLT team does not own any of our NFTs.Each of us has the oppurtunity to buy, so:

let’s get ready to rumble !

First stage open!📣

1. Ireland
2. Mexico
3. Kosovo
4. Guinea-Bissau
5. Ecuador
6. Antigua and Barbuda
7. Liechtenstein
8. Palau
9. Monaco
10. The Bahamas


Second stage open!📣

11. Belize
12. Trinidad and Tobago
13. Grenada
14. Mauritius
15. Suriname
16. Guyana
17. Eswatini
18. Republic of Cape Verde
19. Seychelles
20. Nauru


Third stage open!📣

21. Luxembourg
22. Canada
23. United States of America
24. Guatemala
25. El Salvador
26. Nicaragua
27. Costa Rica
28. Vatican
29. San Marino
30. Cuba


Fourth stage open!📣

From this stage, NFTs will be published after the stage is complete.
The Country NFT holder will be able to check which country he received on the search button!