Stake XRD with Instant Stake validater nod to receive daily $XRD & $IST.

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Liquidity Provider

Become liquidity provider by adding $XRD / $IST to our Osciswap pool to receive weekly $OCI and daily $IST rewards.

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Weekend Reward Contest

Stay informed about the Radix ecosystem to ensure you are up to date and capable of providing accurate responses to our inquiries.

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Combo Rewards

Combine multiple reward programs to maximize your winnings.

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Implementing - DLT NFTs

Acquire one or more Implementing-DLT NFTs to become our partner.


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Enhance the utility and functionality of your NFTs within Play DLT, adding more fun and excitement to our award-winning game.

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Stake $IST

Stake INSTANT tokens and receive even greater rewards.

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Use our SWAP INSTANT aggregator, and you'll be rewarded with each swap made.


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