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Old Standard

Let’s see how the transaction works in today’s world. Whether you are trading a property, a product or a personal thing, you need ledger “documents” for validation from one or more of: Government institutions, lawyer, court, notary, broker, accountant , the bank, etc all this consumes MONEY AND TIME. A transaction being made by several intermediaries , there is the risk of losing information, documents, “ledger” and even personal property, this gives us a state of FRUSTRATION and UNCERTAINTY.

DLT Solutions

With the help of Cerberus and Radix engine ,you can get rid of all these intermediaries by making the same transaction in an application that contains all the ledger “documents” for you to validate the transaction yourself, making the transaction 100% safe , cheap and faster!! Moreover, since the ledger is distributed, several transactions can be made at the same time one to one on an infinite scale, being validated in a few seconds.