Embrace sustainability with RadixDLT

Validator nodes are like guardians of a blockchain, ensuring transactions are valid and secure. On the Radix Public Network, only 100 validator nodes exist at a time, chosen based on the stake delegated to them by XRD token holders. These nodes are crucial for network security. As an XRD token holder, your support in selecting trustworthy validators is paramount for maintaining network integrity. Choose wisely to safeguard the future of Radix.

Choosing Instant-Stake offers several compelling advantages:

1. Highest Rewards:Instant-Stake offers the largest rewards in the market, giving you the chance to earn substantial returns on your investments.

2. Zero Fees: With Instant-Stake, there are no fees involved. You get to keep all of your profits, maximizing your earnings without any deductions.

3. Environmentally Friendly: Our validation node runs entirely on 100% solar energy, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. We're committed to minimizing our environmental footprint while providing top-notch services. By choosing Instant-Stake, you'll enjoy significant rewards in $XRD and $IST, transparent fee policies, and a commitment to sustainability, making it the ideal platform for both financial growth and environmental consciousness

Once you stake on our Instant~Stake node, you'll start receiving daily rewards in $XRD and $IST tokens. The $XRD rewards, provided by, will vary dynamically based on epochs and APY. Similarly, the $IST rewards, provided by, will increase and decrease in accordance with the amount of $XRD held by the Instant-Stake validation node